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Related article: would not have done much harm, the spot being sheltered. The trouble was that not a sign of fish was to be seen. This on the first day of the seascm in a stream open to poaching is particularly disquieting. I had actually packed up and started home when an impatient trout, instead of waiting till I was fairly " off the premises," took an olive just as I was giving the stream a lover's Levonorgestrel Cost last look. He paid the penalty, though not till after a careful siege, and turned out to be a *' rainbow," the only one I had last season, though the river con- tains many. This little bit of sunshine in a wet and stormy day transformed my mood from one of disgust to the opposite, so easily is a fly- fisher satisfied. One disadvantage of early fish- ing is that the trees are at best only just beginning their toilet, and the river banks look bare, though the birds certainly do their best to console us with their merry voices. We have also the full charm of novelty, and the solitude is far more complete than later in the season, wlien wandering holi- day makers are apt to make them- selves heard, if not seen. A few days after this I was in Devon for a week or two, whipping the Otter, near its mouth; aad, for a wonder, my visit was well- timed, not, as usual« "just a week too late," or a *' xuootli too early," as the oatives tell you. Trout are not to be had here by the doaen, as Estradiol Levonorgestrel on Dartmoor, but I90I.3 ROYALTY AND SPORT. 193 the sport is of a much higher character, the fish averaging nearer half a pound than a quarter, and sometimes approaching a pound. Of course, they are com- paratively shy, but in the early part of the season they do not insist on the dry fly, though some of my best were taken that Buy Levonorgestrel Online way. I found the natives very friendly, and, indeed, one of them, seeing me trying to land a good fish without a net, came down and took it out with an umbrella. Some of them are very skilful with the dry fly, and seldom use any other method in the summer and autumn. It should be noted that wading is not allowed in the Otter, and indeed it is not at all neces- sary, Levonorgestrel Tablets though often convenient. In one of the tributaries I found, however, that scarcely anything could be done dry-shod, while by wading one could enjoy lovely sport under the thick trees which line the stream. It must be remembered that permission is Levonorgestrel Tablet required on nearly all parts of the Otter, and is not easy to obtain. On the Axe, which is a stream of similar character as to size of fish, &c., tickets cin always be had by payment. I fancy, therefore, that the fly- fisher who finds the Cockney fish, or even those of Test or Itchen, in poor condition in early spring, may do well to try the Axe or Otter. With fairly fine weather he may land several brace each day, and he will always have the coast close at hand. For the invalid it is far better than most other localities, being much warmer than the north, where the hills are probably 'still clad in snow, and the anglers in overcoats ; and where the fish, moreover, are yet only ghosts of their summer selves. J. Paul Taylor. Royalty and Sport. The death of our revered Queen reminds many of us of the con- nection, extending over cen- turies, between Royalty and Sport. It would 1.5 Mg Levonorgestrel be simply ab- surd to say that her late Majesty was ever deeply interested in sport, though she thoroughly en-, joyed country life. Under her rule the Buy Levonorgestrel preserves in Windsor Park and the moors in Scotland were well kept up under ex- perienced keepers ; the Royal Buckhounds were maintained in spite of the ravings of the few who tried to make it appear that everyone who has any sort of connection with the Royal Staghounds is guilty of the grossest cruelty. These matters. however, can well be left to take care of themselves. The Queen gave Queen's Plates as prizes on the Turf until the money was diverted to the use of the Royal Commission on Horse- breeding. Queen's Cups Levonorgestrel Price were given to the winners at yacht regattas, and her late Majesty at times attended race meetings, so she, at any rate, lent her counte- nance to sport as her ancestors had done. She once visited Melton Mowbray, where a grand recep- tion awaited her ; and the present King, then but a child, had not had time to make his acquaint- ance with the Midlands. Amusement of some kind has nearly always had an attraction 194 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [March for our sovereigns, and at one time ** jousts ** were popular. Peacham, in his ** Complete Gen- ileman," wrote (on the authority of Niceas) that the Emperor Emmanuel Comminus, at the siege of Constantinople, invented lists and Tournaments; but both the French and Germans also claim that honour, and in support of the claim of the latter nation it may be mentioned that Nothard, the historian, says that a game fre- quently exhibited in Germany before the Emperor What Is Levonorgestrel Louis and his brother, Charles the Bald, about the year 842, bore a great resem- blance to tournaments. He speaks of knights of different nations dividing themselves into parties of equal number and running at each other. If Hoveden, however, who wrote his annals about 1191, is to be believed, one of our own kings, Richard I., once took part in an impromptu tournament. While at Messina, in Sicily, on his way to the Holy Land, Richard went with his cavalcade on one Sunday afternoon to see the local sport. On the road the party encountered